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Attend 3 Exciting Mobile Events on 1 Day!

Mark the date: 15. November 2010! This Monday will be packed with 3 exciting mobile events all taking place at the same location at Grey’s in Düsseldorf:
  1. Mobile Unconference
  2. Vodafone Developer Day
  3. MobileMonday

This is a great opportunity to learn more about many mobile development topics and get in touch with mobile enthusiasts from all over the world. So join us for an exciting and informative day!
1. Mobile Unconference

The day starts with the Mobile Unconference. Meet other developers, entrepreneurs, startups and technology companies to discuss the latest trends in mobile software. No frills, no strings attached, no
marketing-speak, only regular folks who make the mobile world more interesting every day. This is an UNconference and it’s all about its participants - anybody can grab the microphone and talk about something interesting there!

Sign up here:
2. Vodafone Developer Day

Parallel to the Mobile Unconference and at the same location our developer friends over at Vodafone and Appseleration organize a developer day covering the following topics:
  • Introduction to Vodafone developer
  • Developing with JIL/WAC
  • Cross Platform development and live demo
  • Debugging tips and tricks with Ripple Emulator
  • Testing on real devices with the Perfecto Mobile Cloud
  • Bringing your apps to market
3. MobileMonday

The day ends with the Düsseldorf edition of MobileMonday. This time the topic will be Mobile Health. Learn more about the global mobile healthcare market and meet interesting people - networking till the ambulance arrives ;)

Find more details at the MobileMonday Website and please make sure you sign up there separately!
Get ready for the mobilest day this year!
We hope to see you on Monday in Düsseldorf!

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