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Cheap Mobile Web for Prepaid-Users in Germany

As of February 1st there have been massive price drops amongst some of Germany’s pay-as-you-go / prepaid offers such as, Symio and Aldi talk. Aldi talk even offers UMTS / 3G SIM cards, so users can profit from the new cheap rates while using fast connections. All these discount MVNOs are using the network and infrastructure of E-Plus. Apparently E-Plus has dramatically lowered the reseller tariffs for data traffic.

Other prepaid offers, such as or which are based on the network of t-mobile did not lower their data prices, so there is now quite a gap between the cheapest offers from above and others.

Users of the cheaper services now only pay 0,24 Cents per 1 MB, whereas the more expensive providers charge 50 times as much: 12 EUR per 1 MB!

We think this is great news for everybody who wants to use his cellphone for receiving e-mails and for browsing and using the mobile web. It also had the effect that I already canceled my data option with my current contract operator and will completely switch to pay-as-you-go myself after my contract runs out in a few months.