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IIR/Sept. Mobile Monday Munich

This week I attended another Mobile Monday, the venue was provided by IIR who did their Converged Messaging Summit there as well.

It probably was the Mobile Monday with the lowest number of attendees I’ve ever been to. That’s mostly because the Oktoberfest takes place and everybody has to decide between having a few (liters of) beer and listening to powerpoint presentations during the evening…I decided for the latter ;)

The presentations were interesting. Taptu went first talking about their mobile search engine, enhanced by human edited results, social interaction and sharing of results with your friends. Apparently is crawled as a desktop web page, which it is not, probably a header recognition issue.
Admob presented their nice-looking analytics tool you can use to dig through your ad stats to see where your 50 bucks went during the last 3 minutes. I especially liked the presentation from Mippin, formerly “Mobizines”. They switched their former application off, in favor of a mobile web version. I just can say kudos for publicly speaking about it the way they did. Problems with the former approach developing an installable client to deliver mobile versions of magazines obviously affected development cost and time the most, but interestingly the major issue were customers complaining about having to install an application on their phone, especially when they had to do it for every new version of the app. I was yet again reassured that we went the right way a few months ago focussing on mobile web.

I also met Russel from Admob, Hans-Peter from Frog2Frog in Sweden and 2 Simons, one from Airgamer and the one from Buddycloud.

Thanks to MoMo Munich, IIR and everybody involved in organizing the event.