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Lunch 2.0 at FamilyOven 09/25/2007

Hot, hot, hot up on the roof of the FamilyOven HQ on Jackson St. just on the border to Chinatown: a sunburn is what you can get if you stand up on a roof of a building (with a great view over the bay) with great weather during lunch time. You also can get in touch with many interesting people. I got both at Lunch 2.0 yesterday.

Lunch 2.0 is a get-together of mostly web people in the Bay Area and it is usually hosted by a company that provides food and drinks for free. FamilyOven and their sponsors did a great job at this, they had incredible food and plenty of beer.

I met Christen from thumbble, Terry Chay (Lunch 2.0 organizer and PHP hero), …

Some people from wired were there too and seemed to like it as well they instantly blogged about the event here and included this image…I’m on it too.
Lunch 2.0 @ FamilyOven

By the way I have been told by two people during the event that the Risotto was actually the best they ever had.