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Mobile 2.0 Event in San Francisco - cu there!

Mobile 2.0 Event in San FranciscoThe PavingWays team, will take part in a hot event that will take place in San Francisco on November 6, 2006. The “mobile2.0 conference” is a one-day event organized and hosted by Daniel Appelquist (Mobile Monday London), Mike Rowehl (Mobile Monday Silicon Valley) and Gregory Gorman (The Open Group).

We actually planned to be in San Francisco from the middle of November, but re-scheduled because of this event. Michael(tm) Smith form Opera will also be there - I met him at this year’s Xtech conference in Amsterdam where I presented the CarCulatr - our first mobile AJAX web application based on the Opera Platform.

We’re eager to meet as many people as possible from the mobile web industry, for example Tony Fish, since we recently purchased his book on “Mobile Web 2.0” (written with Ajit Jaokar) we purchased recently.

Please get in touch with us, if you wanna meet up during or after the conference - we’ll be in San Francisco until early December. After that we will head towards Boston where I will attend this year’s XML Conference - this time as co speaker, but more on that later on.