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Opera releases "State of the Mobile Web"

Recently, Opera released its interesting and insightful “State of the Mobile Web” report. In this report, Opera analyzed the traffic of more than 44 million cumulative Opera Mini users worldwide.
Opera Mini: the world’s most popular mobile browser

Since its worldwide launch in 2006, Opera Mini has become the world’s most popular mobile web browser with millions of users and billions of page views:
operamini_users.jpg operamini_pages.jpg operamini_data.jpg
Social Networking Services drive mobile web usage worldwide

Interestingly, almost 40% of all visited web pages with Opera Mini were social networking services. In the US, South Africa and Indonesia even more than 60% of the user were visiting these services with their mobile devices. That shows social networking services are very popular worldwide.
Top 10 Sites in the US, India, South Africa, UK and Germany
operamini_us.jpg operamini_india.jpg operamini_sa.jpg operamini_uk.jpg operamini_germany.jpg

You can find more information and the whole report here: