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SF New Tech September Meetup 09/05/2007

Last Wednesday evening we headed over to Fat City on 314 11th St. in San Francisco to attend the SF New Tech September Meetup. A lot of people (more than 150) did the same. It was crowded, so many had to stand at the bar or behind the seats during the presentations that started after 1/2 hour of networking.

There were about five product presentations:
  • Wellnesslog
    A diary system for people with medical conditions that require keeping track of what happens, so this info can be shared with a doctor after a while.
  • Conduit a platform for building online communities via toolbars
  • SezWho “SezWho aims to be a distributed rating and reputation system for all user generated content.”
    real estate website / google maps mashup
  • CrazyMenu “Crazymenu makes eating lunches easy as pie through a set of applications and patent pending tools and technologies that connects restaurants to office workers, and enables them to make the most of the short lunch hours.”

Honestly, getting hit by product pitches for 2 hours and paying 10 bucks for that is not our favorite. Drinks (non alc.) were 2 bucks. The special part of the evening was “60-Second Soapbox”. Everybody who had something to announce (job offer, new product etc.) could grab the mic for 60 seconds and tell it to everybody…many people that are looking for developers there (as usual).

Networking after the talks was the best part (also as usual). We met some interesting people like Martin (CEO of Tangler), David ( and Alex (Altrupreneur Center).