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Webmontag in Munich

Yesterday we attended the Webmontag at Optaros in Munich. Nice people, interesting event, relaxed atmosphere and you always meet new people, but also see familiar faces … like Claudia (CScout), Georg and Raju.

Before the networking part started, there were some presentations. Since we were a bit late, we only catched the rest of Hartmut’s presentation about WTF (World Tag Framework). Flash developers out there, please check out this stuff! BarCamp was presented by Nils - in general and especially the one in Munich and the one for women coming soon.

After this presentation Magdalena did a small introduction to Netvibes’ widgets. The last presentation held by our friend Raju from Optaros (formerly at OpenLaszlo) was about E-Commerce and WebTV. He gave us some insights about IPTV and how video and multimedia can improve and enhance e-commerce/online shopping.
When the final presentation was over, the networking part started. We had a nice talk with Igor and Thomas. Igor is the founder of flaMap, a visual social network, and Thomas is founder of the job portal Spirofrog.

All in all: great event! Many thanks to Martin, Raju and the other helpers for organizing this event.