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Debugging Ajax on Windows Mobile

I just found an interesting article about Ajax development for Windows Mobile. It looks like the Microsoft crowd is really into Ajax on their mobile platform, which makes sense…after all makeing a platform appealing to developers is a good thing for the platform. The approach is however different from ours - Microsofties (can you call them like this?) tend to rely on their own tools, namely, not open source based tools and libraries.

The article mentions a nice hint for debugging directly on the device: turning on the display of script errors in IE mobile. This is achieved by editing a registry entry, which can be done e.g. with the PHM Registry Editor, a freeware tool. The registry key to change should be this:
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

There you need to add a DWORD value called ShowScriptErrors and set its value to 1.

The Article also describes how to enable cross-site access for XMLHttpRequest, which might be useful for development purposes, not so much for end-user apps. And there’s also a workaround for a JSON relates quirk in IE mobile, which does not allow cross-site JSON scripts to be executed if the browser is in “One Column” view mode - I decided not to think about the “why ?” in this case, probably it’s a weird bug.

So make sure you check out the article if you’re interested!