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Even More Mobile Applications Hit Cars

Last year in October I wrote in a blog post about smart phone applications coming to cars. Today I read an article about Deutsche Telekom and tyre maker Continental joining this market as well.

They plan to put apps into all vehicles via an Android-based on-board computer. The prototype called AutoLinQ will be demonstrated at this year’s Cebit show. Inspired by the iPhone drivers can search for apps, download music, pick up news, check emails and answer them by using voice recording technology. The promise is: all without taking hands off the wheel or eyes off the road!

Deutsche Telekom said in a statement that the core functions of AutoLinQ include an online address book linked to the navigation system. Drivers can type in journey destinations on the computer at home or work before getting in the car, or via their mobile phone when out and about. As the vehicle is connected to Deutsche Telekom’s mobile network, drivers can call up information that tells them where the car is parked, or check whether the sunroof is open and close it remotely using their phone.
According to the website of AutoLinQ, Continental plans to work with Android developers and automakers to certify a core set of applications. An AutoLinQ SDK is scheduled to be released already by the end of the first quarter this year - probably due to its closeness to the regular Android SDK.

In the second half of 2010 Continental plans to demonstrate first applications and of course the new app store to automotive customers (yes another app store…).
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