We build JavaScript applications

Here we go

So, what is PavingWays? Frankly we’re not quite sure yet, but here’s a quick list of stuff that is probably going to appear on the this page, most probably on the blog section:
  • anything that we find interesting about web applications on devices (mostly mobile ones)

Admittedly a short list, but it basically says what this is (going to be) all about.
What this precisely is or will be only time will tell. We know however that we are going to blog about anything, such as articles, press releases, tutorials and conferences in the field on mobile web applications. This can and probably will be divided into core and related technologies and topics, such as XHTML(-MP), CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, SVG and so on.

Devices and browsers themselves are also (going to be) a major topic of course, actually this will be one of the first things we will be looking at: We are planning to create sort of a collaborative mobile browser comparison chart, where we and hopefully a lot of contributors will be collecting their findings on how the many different browsers on the many devices out there are supporting the technologies that are important to us as web developers. We’ll be looking at stuff like AJAX support, but also more basic things, such as how CSS definitions are displayed (if they are at all) or even more basic if a given browser supports XHTML(-MP) at all.

We invite anybody who is interested in these things and especially in this first project of ours to join us and get in touch!