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MMM: Mobile Monday - Munich

There was another MMM (Mobile Monday in Munich) today. We missed all the presentations, they were almost exclusively about mobile gaming, so no biggie for us. We met the “usual suspects” and I’m getting the feeling to get into a MoMo community somehow. Lots of software vendors and game programmers were around.

I talked to the guys from DeviceAnywhere and had to learn they were actually also the guys from “Mobile Complete”! While talking to them I somehow thought these would be separate companies, but they are not. I scored a 3hrs free trial for the DeviceAnywhere service - will try later this week with our current Groupile alpha. I already know the service and it’s great. They just launched the Japanese devices and if you have an account with them you get the Japanese ones for free for a while. So now we’re really thinking about getting an account. Need to check pricing again.

Also I met someone from the MoMo team who told me about the Demo Night they will have on May 19th. We’ll see if we submit Groupile for that. Might be nice, 5 min presentations w/o PowerPoint slides - only live demos. By then we should be in public beta.