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Review: - Personal Mobile Homepage

There are many new mobile services appearing on the web almost everyday. Here on PavingWays we are trying to keep up to date and we will review selected services from time to time. We will start with
What is tiggdo?
On you can create your personal phone’s homepage with services that provide information or news you require. Right now there are already a couple of services available, e.g. RSS feeds, maps, traffic reports, weather, stock quotes, job search etc. For all available services check out the about page on is free to use and if you are an developer, you can ask the tiggdo team to add your service. Technical requirements?
tiggdo works with any internet enabled handsets that supports wap 2.0, XHTML-MP that is. If your phone’s browser does not support wap 2.0 then the tiggdo team recommends installing Opera Mini.
How does it work?
First you have to create an account on - don’t worry, it is very simple and fast. After you logged in you can start selecting your preferred services. I chose these services: “weather”, “add note pad”, “daily horoscope”, “add quotes of the day” and “add upcoming events”. You can very easy add, edit or remove services. After you’ve finished adding services, you can go ahead bringing it to your mobile phone. Just click on “Phone Page Set Up”. Now enter on your cellphone. After you have logged in you will get an overview of all your selected services.
Closing comments:
Overall offers an very useful service for mobile phones. You can build up your own personalized mobile web page very fast and easily. I particularly liked that the mobile page was built very simple with just a couple of graphics, so the generated traffic was reasonably small.

Also appreciable is the fact that indeed you only see your preferred services but still have access to the other services on your mobile phone - just by clicking on “Full Menu List”. It is just too bad that there is no possiblility to change your preferred services just with your mobile phone, so you are stuck to what you set up on your desktop computer.

Other things that could be improved involve usability (getting back from a service to the main page), but that could be a browser issue. Also it is not possible to access the service over an secure connection. For many of the available services it would be great if there was a way to store their settings with the profile, so e.g. in the horoscope service you would not have to enter your zodiac sign everytime or the map service would remember your zip code.

All in all tiggdo looks very promising and if some minor issues can be improved I even might consider to actually make it my permanent mobile homepage.