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"Your Life Is Your Work of Art"

A couple of days ago I went to Borders and while wandering through the shelves I came across the book “Entrepreneuship 101” from the Trump University. I bought it and started reading it immediately at a cozy coffee shop inside Borders.

Although I have not finished the book yet, it is very interesting and helpful. I wished the professors at my university had teached business management so understandable. The book is a good guideline for startups with helpful practical examples.

On page 27 I stumbled across an interesting quotation of Shakti Gawain:

“Your Life Is Your Work of Art

I like to think of myself as an artist, and my life is my greatest work of art.
Every moment is a moment of creation, and each moment of creation contains infinite possibilities. I can do things the way I have always done them, or I can look at all the different alternatives, and try something new and different and potentially more rewarding. Every moment presents a new opportunity and a new decision.
What a wonderful game we are playing, and what a magnificent art form.”