What We Do

As a full service partner, we go far beyond pure programming.
We can contribute our years of experience to the entire app development chain.

App Ideation

We support our customers as a sparring partner from the idea generation onwards. Our experience allows us to provide useful input at an early stage.


With personas, user journeys and wireframes, we help to shape the app idea and make it come alive.


Understanding what is needed, analyzing, defining and documenting are important first steps in each of our app projects.

Tech Selection

Analyzing available technology, competencies and possibilities enables us to select and integrate the appropriate tech for your development setup.


Many projects require a prototype or click dummy. We use tools that enable us to further develop the app on the basis of our prototypes.

UX/UI Design

We work closely with designers, agencies, CI/CD managers and marketing departments to generate the best possible user experience.

Dev Setup

Every team works differently. We help you integrate app development into your workflow and maximize the developer experience.

Pipeline Setup

We love automation. Git-based workflows, continuous integration and delivery, GitHub actions and end-to-end testing are just some of our tools.

API Development

The specification of interfaces and APIs is essential. We develop interfaces and implement APIs in the app, on the server side and to third-party systems.

App Development

The implementation of requirements in well-structured, high-performance and well documented code is an art that we have mastered for years.

Quality Assurance

We ensure the quality of our and your apps with coding guidelines, workflow tools, peer reviews, unit- and end-to-end tests, user labs and hallways.

App Store Deployment

The developed app must be deployed to the store. We take care of certificates, private keys, provisioning profiles and entitles.

App Review

We start app review processes at an early stage to speed up the final live launch in the app stores. Numerous review rounds have allowed us to gain valuable experience.

App Marketing

The release in the App Store is not the end of the story. App Store Optimization (ASO) is at least as important as SEO for websites. We can help you with this!


We are happy to pass on our knowledge and experience. Preferably hands-on in a team, but also in a half-day or full-day workshop.

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