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CeBIT: new mobile (flat-)rates

There are some interesting news from the CeBIT in Hannover, Germany (15.- 21. March 2007). The CeBIT is a leading business event for the digital world, and the mobile industry is an important part of the CeBIT. Especially this year is a lot of going on mobile + internet. Here are some facts:
T-Mobile has dramatically dropped their prices for mobile surfing. Here are the prices for their time- and volume-based rates.
time-based rates:
The time-based rate is called ”web’n’walk”. You only pay 0.09 EUR/minute for the “web’n’walk Starter” rate. There is neither a basic fee nor a volume limit. In August 2007 T-Mobile plans to offer the “web’n’walk Surfer” rate with 120 minutes for 5.00 EUR, which means 0.04 EUR/minute.
volume-based rates:
T-Mobile has also dropped the prices for their volume-based rates:
web’n’walk BASIC”: 200 MByte for 20.00 EUR/month
web’n’walk MEDIUM”: 400 MByte for 35.00 EUR/month
web’n’walk LARGE”: 5 GByte for 50.00 EUR/month
Besides this T-Mobile also offers a ”E-Mail Flat”. You can send or receive as much emails as you want for a fixed price of 3.95 EUR/month. You can retrieve up to 5 email addresses through the T-Mobile server, but you can not send email attachments. T-Mobile then only shows the name of the attached file. Using this service you need a cellphone with POP3-enabled eMail client.

To make customers aware of their current web consumption T-Mobile from August 2007 will offer free pricing information via SMS. Customers will receive a SMS reminder for every 10 EUR they spent.

At the end of the year 2007 T-Mobile also plans to introduce a monthly limit to the total costs of mobile web usage. This upper barrier is supposed to be aroun 100,- Euro per month for web’n’walk in your home country and 200,- Euro if you are using it in foreign countries.
O2 offers a couple of new mobile (time- and volume-based) rates for their customers:
time-based rate:
For occasional usage of the mobile internet you only pay 0.03 EUR per minute if you are in your Home-Zone, and everywhere else only 0.09 EUR per minute.
volume-based rates:
Internet@home-Pack M: 1 GByte data volume for 10 EUR/month for using the mobile internet in the Home-Zone
Internet-PackM: 200 MByte data volume for 10 EUR/month (no Home-Zone restrictions)
Internet-Pack L: 5 GByte data volume for 25 EUR/month (no Home-Zone restrictions)

The minimum contract term of these rates is 3 months. You have to order the volume-based rates; the time-based rate is already activated in your contract.
Freenet also offers his customers a new mobile data flatrate. The mobile rate is called ”freenetMobile Mail & Surf”. For only 9.95 EUR/month you have unlimited access to the mobile web. But there is a catch: at the moment Freenet only offers this rate to BlackBerry owners.

Seems like the big players actively follow the trend towards mobile web usage. Now it’s up to new service offerings to finally make a lot more people actually use the mobile web.